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Theatre in the Arsenal

alias Town Theatre, Kazaliste Komunalno
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Important events

(detail)1612 | opening


The small theatre at Hvar (1612 ) is our best surviving example of the early seventeenth-century Venetian public theatre, a type which now took its place beside the much more lavishly decorated court theatres. It is on the first floor of the old Arsenal. Hvar (Lesina) was at the time Venetian territory.


Between 1278 and 1797, Hvar was part of the Republic of Venice and a winter port for its fleet. In 1612, the Venetian govenor of the island, Pietro Semitecolo, had the theatre built on the first floor of the impressive Arsenal. Though much changed in the course of time, it remains the oldest communal theatre space in Europe. The present version was created in 1803, making it the oldest theatre in Croatia today. It features a tiny, Italian opera house style auditorium with two rows of boxes. Throughout its 400 years of existence, the theatre has presented quality performances of the local amateur theatre groups, a tradition that is alive today. The Arsenal and the theatre are classed as monument of national importance. The theatre is presently being restored, but can be visited on appointment.


Visits: on appointment

Hvarsko kazalište · Trg Svetog Stjepana · 21 450 Hvar · Croatia
Administration: Hvar Heritage Museum · Hanibala Lucica b.b. · 21 450 Hvar · Croatia
Tel: +385 (0)21 741 009 · E-mail: Muzej.hvarske.bastine€gmail.com · http://mhb.mdc.hr





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