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Bartók Chamber Theatre and Arts House Dunaújváros

alias Bartók Kamaraszínház és Művelődési Központ, Dunaújvárosi Bemutatószínpad, Bartók Béla Művelődési Központ, Bartók Béla Kulturház, Bartók Kamaraszínház
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Important events

(detail)31.12.1953 | Opening

(detail)1974 | Renovation

(detail)14.07.1992 | Bartók Béla Chamber Theatre

(detail)2000 | Reconstruction


The building was opened on 31 December 1953, the construction was carried out by the Városépítő Vállalat (City Construction Corporation). The building was initially named Bartók Béla Culture House, built by Stálinváros City Council (Stalin Town, the former name of Dunaújváros). The leading architect was Tibor Weiner, Ybl prized architect, candidate of the technical sciences. The designer of the original culture house was Ferenc Baranyai.

The building was mainly intended for cultural house usage and receiving theatre venue. It was given the name of Bartók Béla Cultural Centre in 1973. Until 1973 it worked as a receiving venue and as a culture house. On 2 May 1973 was the first theatrical performance of the Bemutatószínpad (Premiere Stage) with the play Niagara Crossing by the Peruvian writer Augusto Alegría, directed by Zoltán Latinovits (Stage designers: László Drégely and János Pálfai).

A series of renovations and modernisation followed between 1974-1976, the main hall was refurbished and a studio theatre created with curtains, light control devices and speakers.

On 14 July 1992 the Council of Dunaújváros declared the establishment of the independent Bartók Chamber Theatre.

30 July 1999 the Bartók Chamber Theatre was complemented with an independent dance section, named The Dance Theatre of Dunaújváros, in 2004 renamed Dunaújvárosi Bartók Táncszínház.

A second renovation took place between 2000-2001, lead by designer-architect Gábor Rombauer. The works were executed by: Real-Coop KFT, Színháztechnikai KFT, Lisys KFT.

From 1992 the institution works under the name of Bartók Kamaraszínház (Bartók Chamber Theatre) and from 2003 as Bartók Kamaraszínház és Művészetek Háza (Bartók Chamber Theatre and Arts House).

The building maintained its soc-real style, with the statue of Béla Bartók in the lobby.

Maintainer: Council of Dunaújváros, Town of Couty Rank.



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