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Little George Theatre

alias Jiříkovo Divadlo
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Important events

A theatrical association in Poděbrady was founded in 1861 due to initiative of Václav Hráský. The actors used room of the former chapel in the Poděbrady. Amateur actors played in a hall of the inn „U zeleného stromu“ between 1879-1883.
(detail)18.12.1881 | opening
On the beginning of the 1880s, the city decided to render a part of deserted military quarters with the adjacent plot to the theatrical association for theatre construction. A simple inner hall at first was enlarged by eight boxes in 1866. The author of the entire decor was Prague painter Gustav Kubeš.
(detail)1886 | Alteration

(detail)90. 's 19. century | Alteration

(detail)00. 's 20. century | Alteration

(detail)1920 | Alteration
The Group for Construction of the Little George Theatre was established in 1920 that set an objective of acquiring finance for construction of a modern temple of Thalia. Because money was gathered only slowly for this purpose, the theatrical association decided to accede at least to modernization of the existing theatre that was carried out according to the design by Oldřich Kerhart.
(detail)22.2.1937 | fire
Fire swept through the Little George Theatre early in the morning on 22nd February of 1937 and completely destroyed the entire building in spite of intervention of numerous fire brigades.





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