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Mana Theatre

Karel Truksa

alias Divadlo Aloise Jiráska
history of the theatresupplementtechnical dataHistoric equipment

Important events

(detail)1929 | construction

(detail)1931 | opening

(detail)1965 | closure

(detail)2009 | opening


Karel Truksa |main architect
(detail)Pavel Janák |architect

Czech architect, designer and theoretician. He cooperated with Jan Kotěra (realization of exhibition hall on Jubilee exhibition in 1908). After First World War he turned to new artistic styles, which came out from ideas about national form of architecture, later he inclined to Functionalism and engaged in urbanism.

In: Adéla Anna Vavrečková: Živé příběhy. Divadelní budovy v Olomouci a v Moravské Ostravě. Brno2007. Diplomová práce. Note 67.

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