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Adam Mickiewicz Theatre

alias Teatr im. Adama Mickiewicza (Adam Mickiewicz Theatre, 1961-1979, 1992-), Państwowy Teatr Polski Bielsko-Cieszyn (State Polski Theatre in Bielsko, Cieszyn, 1980-1992), Teatr Polski Bielsko-Cieszyn (The Polski Theatre in Bielsko, Cieszyn, 1946-1961), Deutsches Theater in Teschen (German Theatre in Teschen, 1910-1939), Teatr Polski w Cieszynie (The Polski Theatre in Cieszyn, 1945-1946), Die Städtische Bühne im Teschen (City Stage in Teschen, 1940-1945), Teatr Wojska Polskiego (Theatre of Polish Army, 1945)
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Important events

(detail)26.04.1902 | The founding meeting of Cieszyn Theatre Building Society [Teschner Theaterbauverein]

(detail)24.09.1910 | opening of the theatre

Oscar Gartner directed Des Meeres und der Liebe

(detail)1912 | modernization works
Replacing decoration and flooring in the theater, the modification of the heating system
(detail)1940 | refurbishment of the building

Leopold Gabsdil led the renovation. The work carried out: to embed the iron curtain and the revolving-stage, replacement seats in the audience; renewal of detail decoration; new decor in the theater café

(detail)1965 | renovation
inter alia: modernization of stage equipment
(detail)1979 | 2 years renovation

new windows and doors, replacement of the heating system, new technical equipment, replacement of electrical installations, reconstruction of stucco on foyer, auditorium and stairways, reliefs of Helena Modrzejewska, Stanislaw Moniuszko, Wojciech Bogusławski and Jan Herma

(detail)15.09.1987 | theater has been entered in the register of monuments under the No. A-524/87

(detail)2005 | installation of air conditioning in the auditorium


(detail)Hermann Helmer |architect
The phenomenon of the architects Fellner and Helmer would be difficult to capture with only one building. Their work consisted of continual, although somewhat stereotypical, work in terms of style. They placed a great emphasis on achieving the technical-operational needs of theatre buildings. They created a large number of theatres (mainly national theatres) in Central Europe - Austria, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, etc.More theatres

(detail)Alfred Schmitt |builder
He supervised the construction of the theater in Cieszyn.

(detail)Jan Herma |sculptor
He made bas-reliefs of Helena Modrzejewska, Wojciech Bogusławski and Stanisław Moniuszko to the theatre in Cieszyn.

(detail)Heinrich Hender |sculptor
He made ​​stuccos in the theater in Cieszyn.


The Adam Mickiewicz Theatre was designed by outstanding Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer in the style of modernised late Viennese Baroque; it perfectly fits the urban design of the city. It has a seven-axis façade with a projection crowned by a triangle tympanum; the whole structure is covered by a tall, mansard roof. The interior design, with its rich decoration, is worth noticing, especially the decoration of the scenic frame, of the balconies and of the foyer. The latter has repeatedly attracted filmmakers: The Promised Land by Andrzej Wajda, as well as a television series about Helena Modrzejewska by Jan Łomnicki were shot here. The theatre does not have its own company of actors, but it organises impresario performances of theatres, music and dance groups, as well as cabarets. Some events, such as Theatre Workshops with the Master, the Theatre Festival WITHOUT BORDERS are held on a regular basis.


Teatr im. Adama Mickiewicza



Plac Teatralny 1 · 43-400 Cieszyn · Poland · tel. +48 33 857 75 90, +48 33 858 16 52

E-Mail: teatr_cieszyn@poczta.onet.pl · www.teatr.cieszyn.pl

Visits: by appoitment.

by appoitment.


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