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House of Culture Akord

Jiří Kroha

alias House of Culture NHKG
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Important events

(detail)24.2.1959 | opening

(detail)2015 | reconstruction


(detail)Jiří Kroha |main architect

Had studied architecture, but in course of his career he contributed also to painting, plastic art, design and scenography. He became significant talent influenced by Cubistic impulse in 1920´s, later by Functionalism, albeit he stressed plasticity, colourfulness and  multitude of details. After WW2 he became a prominent figure of the new regime, propagating  Socialist realism and in 1960´s turned back to interwar avant-garde, while fighting  communist style of panel building.


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(detail)Václav Roštlapil |architect

He designed an array of public building, especially in Prague for science, educational and medical purposes. He chose always historicizing aesthetics for the buildings, mainly located in Prague as for instance building of  AVU (Academy of fine arts in Prague), Strakova akademie (the seat of the government), Ústav choromyslných v Bohnicích (mental institution) .

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Ivan Ciporanov |architect
Josef Vitvar |sculptor


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