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St. Pölten Festival House

Klaus Kada

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Important events

(detail)1.3.1997 | opening
Opened with Gustav Mahler's Auferstehungssymphonie (Symphony No. 2 – Resurrection)


Klaus Kada |main architect
Eva Schlegel |painter


At the centre of a new cultural district this site includes the Festspielhaus, the Bell Tower, the Provincial Academy, the Provincial Archive, the Provincial Library and the Provincial Museum. The architect, Klaus Kada, planned the building as a unique work of architecture with four halls open for use for a wide range of events and with an excellent view, outstanding acoustics and adjustable dimensions. The site’s many uses range from that of a proscenium theatre, arena or ballroom, to being home to the Tonkünstler Orchestra of Lower Austria.



Author: Fritz Trümpi

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