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Competition for the construction of the Divadlo Jozefa Gregora Tajovského

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Important events

(detail)1980 | competition
competition to choose the location of the theatre 1980–1981
(detail)1984 | competition

competition for the construction of the theatre building.

Pavol Paňák's entry created in cooperation with Peter Vítko, 2nd prize.

Štefánia Rosincová and Martin Gallovský, 3rd prize.

Branislav Somora, Stanislav Mečiar and Daniel Prekop, 2nd prize.

Jozef Struhař, Milan Heger and Bohuslav Listiak, 3rd prize.


Štefánia Rosincová |architect - participant of the competition
Martin Gallovský |architect - participant of the competition
Branislav Somora |architect - participant of the competition
Stanislav Mečiar |architect - participant of the competition
Daniel Prekop |architect - participant of the competition
Jozef Struhař |architect - participant of the competition
Milan Heger |architect - participant of the competition
Bohuslav Listiak |architect - participant of the competition
(detail)Ján Zeman |jury member
first deputy chair of the Slovak Commission for the Development of Investment and Science and Technology


The plan to build a new theatre in Banská Bystrica was linked to a regional plan that envisioned the creation of a Central Slovakian metropolitan region with its centres in Banská Bystrica and Zvolen. The theatre was meant to strengthen the position of the town and its new centre. The entry that came out top in the competition designed the theatre in a Post-Modernist style as a town within a town. After the changes that occurred in society in 1989, construction of the theatre came to be seen as more of a political move than a response to local requirements. Consequently, it was never completed.



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