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Hieronim Konieczko Polski Theatre

alias Państwowy Teatr (State Theatre, 1945), Teatr Ziemi Pomorskiej Bydgoszcz Toruń - Scena Bydgoszcz (Theatres of Pomeranian Land - Stage in Bydgoszcz, 1949-1960), Teatry Dramatyczne Bydgoszczy i Torunia (Drama Theatres of Bydgoszcz and Toruń, 1960-1961), Teatr Miejski (The Miejski [Municipal] Theatre, 1974-1949), Teatr Polski (The Polski Theatre, 1945-1947, 1961-2000)
history of the theatresupplementtechnical dataHistoric equipment

Important events

(detail)1.5.1949 | inauguration of the unfinished stage

(detail)28.6.2000 | theatre was named after Hieronim Konieczka

(detail)2002 | Ist edition of The Premiere Festival


(detail)Konrad Swinarski |director
Theatre, television, film and opera director, producer and designer.More theatres

Aleksander Rodziewicz |theatre director
Paweł Łysak |theatre director




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