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Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre

history of the theatresupplementtechnical dataHistoric equipment

Important events

(detail)1910 | opening as a German stage

(detail)1919 | inauguration of Poznań Opera

(detail)2.6.1945 | resume of activity after war


(detail)Max Littmann |architect

German architect, who focused his attention primarily on the construction of representative buildings as theatres, department stores and spa buildings.

More theatres

Carl Moritz |architect - participant of the competition
(detail)Andrzej Stopka |scenographer
Set designer, painter, caricaturist.More theatres

Zygmunt Wojciechowski |theatre director
Zdzisław Górzyński |theatre director
Robert Satanowski |theatre director
Mieczysław Nowakowski |theatre director
Sławomir Pietras |theatre director




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