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Edmund Wierciński Contemporary Theatre

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Important events

(detail)18.10.1946 | opening The Puppet and Actor Theatre in devastated building

(detail)1.1.1950 | theatre has been named Young Spectator State Theatre

(detail)1.1.1961 | opening after reconstruction the stage named Variety Theatre

(detail)1.9.1967 | thatre has been named Edmund Wierciński Contemporary Theatre

(detail)2001 | Ist edition of International Theatre Festival DIALOG


Max Taubert |architect
Zenon Kalinowicz |Commissioned by
(detail)Jerzy Jarocki |director
One of the most important theatrical and television directors in the Polish post-war theatre.More theatres

Adolf Chronicki |theatre director
Kazimierz Braun |theatre director
Andrzej Witkowski |theatre director
Krystyna Meissner |theatre director




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