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Principal Theatre of Maó

Giovanni Palagi

alias Teatre Principal de Maó
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Important events

(detail)1829 | opening


Giovanni Palagi |main architect


The oldest still operating opera house in Spain. Built in 1829 by the Italian Giovanni Palagi, on the site of a former theatre, within an old bastion of the city walls. The decoration works were done by the Ciudadela artist Andrés Galbis. The neoclassical façade was added thirty years later, in 1859. After 150 years of operation, extensive restoration works gave back the charm and splendour of the 1880s to the building.


Teatre Principal de Maó • Direcció Costa Deia, 40 • Població Maó • Província Balears • Spain • Tel.: +34 (0)971 355 603 • e-mail form on website • www.teatremao.com

Visits: guided tours and group tours, please contact the theatre

Oficina de información turística
Tel.: +34 (0)7701 971 363 790



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