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Onion House Cultural Centre

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(detail)1998 | opening


Imre Makovecz |architect


The Onion House Cultural Center in Makó was designed by Imre Makovecz (1935-2011) and located in Makó in Posta Street.

Imre Makovecz bases his designs on the study of natural and social condition of people; the physical structure as well as the needs of the people. His love and sensitivity towards nature has emerged already in his childhood and had a great impact on his later life and architecture. He strived to become human-centred in his architecture, the symmetry being the main feature of his buildings, inspired from the construction of symmetric. He used natural building materials. The shaping of the buildings makes his houses alive.

This vitality can be felt in Onion House which reflects this concept in the appearance. The house toward the square shapes a slate covered back, surrounded by two towers. The towers towards the sky are gradually converting into glass and it can clearly be seen that there is a smaller tower inside. The walls are white and the ceiling is made of wood.

The theatre space is recalling the closed type ancient Greek arena theatre-form. From outside the roof shapes a back, from inside shows body-like roof. Before the proscenium lays the orchestra pit,  above which a back-shaped roof stretches too.

The supporting structures, such as supporting-pillars from which grows out the roof, remind of wooden logs.



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