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Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theatre

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Important events

(detail)1972 | beginning of construction

(detail)21.7.1979 | opening of the building

(detail)2010 | beginning of the reconstruction

(detail)6.9.2013 | opening of the Big Stage with the premiere of "Chłopi" by W.S. Reymont


(detail)Daniel Olędzki |architect
architect associated with GdańskMore theatres

(detail)Józef Chmiel |architect

He designed the construction and expansion of many theatre buildings in Poland, including the Teatr Narodowy (National Theatre) in Warsaw (destroyed in the1985 fire), Teatr Muzyczny (The Music Theatre) in Gdynia, Teatr Muzyczny (The Music Theatre) in Łódź , Warszawska Opera Kameralna (The Warsaw Chamber Opera), Teatr Rampa (The Rampa Theatre) in Warsaw, Teatr im. Aleksandra Fredry (The Fredro Theatre) in Gniezno, Teatr Dramatyczny (The Dramatic Theatre) in Elbląg, Teatr Rozrywki (The Rozrywka Theatre) in Chorzów, Teatr Nowy (The Teatr Nowy) in Poznań, Teatr Miejski (The Municipal Theatre) in Gdynia, Teatr Polski (The Polish Theatre) in Szczecin, and Opera Bałtycka (The Baltic Opera) in Gdańsk.

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Danuta Baduszkowa |director, theatre director
Maciej Korwin |director, theatre director




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