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Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

Spiegel Frigyes, Géza Márkus

alias Cluj-Napoca Hungarian Opera
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Important events

(detail)18.7.1910 | opening
Built between 1909-1910 to the design by Géza Márkus and Frigyes Spiegel.
(detail)1959 | alteration
1959-1961 major rebuilding by Ioan Paiu and János Sóvágó.


Spiegel Frigyes |main architect


This theatre is the youngest in terms of history of the three independent theatre buildings within the territory of this Romanian city. The Art Nouveau structure by the Pest architects Géza Márkus and Frigyes Spiegel was sharply criticised by Károly Kós, a citizen of Transylvania and a leading figure of Hungarian architecture. It functions up until the present day as a centre for Hungarian cultural activity in Romania.



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