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Theatre of the Jorat

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Important events

(detail)1908 | opening


The Théâtre du Jorat holds a special place in the cultural landscape of Switzerland. The impressive wooden construction of 1908 is outstanding. With a seating capacity of up to 1000, it is one of the biggest in the country. It is situated in the countryside, above Lake Geneva, in a little village with just 1200 inhabitants. Since its opening, the precept of founder René Morax, a renowned poet and director, applies: This theatre shows popular performances for all groups of the population and all ages.

Théâtre du Jorat • Rue du Théâtre 23 • 1083 Mézières • Switzerland • +41 (0)21 903 07 40 • info@theatredujorat.chwww.theatredujorat.ch

end of April – beginning of October

Performances: April to July, September and October



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