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Těšín Theatre Český Těšín

Jaroslav Černohorský, Zdeněk Vávra

alias Těšín Theatre in Český Těšín (1950 - 1991)
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Important events

(detail)1.5.1961 | opening


(detail)Zdeněk Vávra |main architect

He worked in Státní ústav pro rekonstrukci památkových měst a objektů (State institute for reconstruction of memorial cities and constructions) throughout his life. He realized theatre in Český Těšín with J. Černohorský in 1960. He was working on design studies for National Theatre reconstruction. Afterwards he led the realization team.  Later he worked on the reconstruction of the South Bohemia Theatre. 

Source: www.cka.cc/

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Jan Bauch |painter, sculptor
Josef Kiszka |interior designer


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