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Croatian Theatre of Pécs, Hrvatsko Kazalište Pečuh

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Important events

(detail)1989 | Foundation of theatre


The only European Croatian minority theatre works in Pécs, in Anna Street 17.

The theatre is a two-storey high building with middle projection divided into 1+2+1 opening axes.  The middle projection has two, the side wings have one opening axes. The middle projection has been separated from the side wall-face with one storey high porticos. The dividing and the closing edge is also broken cornice, the middle projection ends in tympanum at the top with cross and below in the wall-mirror a side-scuttle can be found. The window openings are square-ended.

The main entrance of the building is not in the middle axle, but on the ground floor of the left side opening axle. The dimensions of the theatre are acceptable for studio performances. The theatre functions were distributed in four levels. The yard is acceptable for summer theatre productions.

The shape of the theatre is an axial, linear confronted type. The steepness of the auditorium improves the visibility. The depth of the stage is not large, but it has proscenium and a fly curtain is also used. The moving of the scenery is carried out through a door which opens on one side of the stage.

In the attic an exhibition gallery is furbished. According to the designer’s intention the timber roof structure remained visible giving a better atmosphere to the attic gallery. In summertime open-air performances are held in the garden.



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