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Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre

Nicolas-Henri Jardin

alias Christiansborgs Palace Theatre
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Important events

(detail)1745 | construction
1733-45 construction of the Christiansborg Schloß.
(detail)30.1.1767 | opening
Palace Theatre was constructed by Nicolas-Henri Jardin for King Christian VII (1764-1808) in the first floor of the royal stables.
(detail)40. 's 19. century | Alteration
Rebuilt in 1842 by architect Jørgen Hansen Koch. Further 1845-1856 stage alterations, 1851-1855 3 boxes were combined to form one big royal box for the Danish king.
(detail)1871 | Alteration
(detail)1881 | closure
Closed 1881 due to insufficient fire safety. 1885 auction sale of the furniture and theatre equipment.
(detail)1922 | Alteration
From 1922, used as Theatre Museum. Subsequently extensively restored.


Nicolas-Henri Jardin |main architect


The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre is part of the palace area Slotsholmen in the centre of Copenhagen, surrounded by many historic buildings and institutions.

Below the Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre there are the Royal Stables and Christiansborg riding ground, where the Royal horses and the Danish military horses are daily taken out for a ride. In 1766, the original arsenal on the first floor was transformed into a neoclassical theatre in pearl grey and gold, with balconies supported by 22 columns. Traces of this neoclassical theatre can still be found in the entrance and the foyer. In the early 1840s the last absolute king, Christian VIII, had the auditorium transformed into the Biedermeier interior of red velvet and boxes that is seen today. Visitors may move freely around the auditorium, the stage, the balconies and the small boxes, enjoying the permanent exhibition on Danish theatre history as well as special exhibitions on various theatre topics. The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre also presents a broad spectrum of museum activities and cultural events.



Visits: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:00 to 15:00 ˙ Saturday & Sunday 13:00 to 16:00 ˙

Guided tours can be booked in advance

Tel.: +45 (0)33 11 51 76 ˙ e-mail: info@teatermuseet.dk ˙ www.teatermuseet.dk



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