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Royal Opera of Versailles

Ange-Jacques Gabriel

alias l´Opéra Royal
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Important events

(detail)60. 's 18. century | construction
Built 1769-1770 as "Opéra Royal" by Ange-Jacques Gabriel for King Louis XV, based on an existing 17th century building by François Mansart.
(detail)16.5.1770 | opening
the Opéra was opened with Lully's "Persée" in celebration of the marriage of the dauphin .
(detail)1789 | closure
Closed during the French Revolution.
(detail)1837 | reopening
Revived by King Louis-Philippe, re-decoration of the auditorium. Re-opened with Molière's "Le Misanthrope".
(detail)1871 | alteration
It was converted into a hall for parliament meetings by Edmond de Joly.
(detail)50. 's 20. century | Renovation
The theatre was renovated to the original design from 1770 between 1952 -55. Re-opened on 9th April of 1957 with Act II of the Rameau's "Les Indes Galantes".







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