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Palace Theatre

Giuseppe Arighini

alias Celle Schloßtheater
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Important events

(detail)1674 | opening
Built 1670-1674 by Giuseppe Arighini. Probably opened on 13th February of 1674 with a ballet "Les amours de Mars et de Vénus".
(detail)1690 | reconstruction
Extension by a second balcony by Giuseppe Arighini,
(detail)1772 | reconstruction
Reconstruction in 1772 by Johann-Dietrich Heumann.
(detail)1837 | reconstruction
1837: C.A. Vogel,
(detail)1837 | reconstruction
reconstruction 1935-1938 : Fleck & Grube, renovation of auditorium. Stage: Baroque machinery. Seating capacity: 330


Giuseppe Arighini |main architect


The oldest surviving court theatre is the Schlosstheater at Celle of 1670.



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