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Municipal Theatre

alias Stadttheater
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Important events

(detail)60. 's 15. century | construction
Construction of the Franciscan Church was carried out aroung 1460 in the north-west of the medieval town complex, located north of the George Street (main axis).
(detail)1688 | alteration
Baroque reconstruction.
(detail)12.10.1803 | opening
The church building was converted into a theatre.
(detail)12.10.1978 | opening
Complete reconstruction was carried out in 1975-1978. The theatre was subsequently reopened with "Don Giovanni" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


The outer appearance is a box-shaped simple nave with a prolonged Gothic choir that was redesigned in the 17th Century. There is an almost square auditorium in the nave with recessed pilasters over two and a half bays. There are several rows of boxes over U-shaped floor plan. The theatre is equipped with modern stage machinery and a seating capacity of 600 spectators.



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