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Schwetzingen Rococo Theatre

Nicolas de Pigage, Alessandro Galli da Bibiena

alias Schloßtheater
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Important events

(detail)1746 | Start of construction
Built between 1746 - 52 by Nicolas de Pigages. The theatre itself is located behind the building of the "Nördlicher Zirkelbau" that was built between 1748-1750 to the design by Alessandro Galli da Bibiena and is used as the main theatre entrance and foyers.
(detail)X.9.1752 | opening
Opened in September 1752 with Molière's "Monsieur de Pourseaugnac" .
(detail)1762 | reconstruction

(detail)1778 | closure
Only occasionally used after 1778 when Carl Theodor and his court moved to München. Used as a warehouse since the late 19th century.
(detail)1937 | reconstruction
Interior renovation and modernization of the stage technology.
(detail)70. 's 20. century | reconstruction
1971-1974 modernization of stagehouse and stage technology. Re-opened 4 May 1974 with Haydn's "Die Jahreszeiten".
(detail)4.5.1974 | Opening
Franz Joseph Haydn: Die Jahreszeiten



The Rococo Theatre (1752/53) by Nicolas de Pigage is the oldest still existing theatre in Europe featuring tiers without boxes. Just 20 years after its inauguration it was remodelled in the Classicist style on the order of the art loving Elector Carl Theodor of the Palatinate. Today the simultaneity of the two styles gives the theatre its special appeal. The Rococo Theatre at Schwetzingen Palace was a venue for the Mannheimer Hofkapelle, for (first) performances of works by Voltaire, Gluck and J. Chr. Bach. This tradition continues with the SWR Schwetzingen Festival (Schwetzinger Festspiele) in May and the Mozart Weeks in September, when recitals and opera productions can be enjoyed in the Rococo Theatre. Also worthwhile seeing is the famous palace garden with its delightful 18th century buildings.


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