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alias Erfurter Kongreßsäle 1945, Kulturhaus des Büromschinenwerkes Optima Erfurt, Stadttheater
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Important events

(detail)1714 | construction
Built 1714 as "Ball-und Caffee-Haus" by converting a brewery. Used as an university ballroom and theatre. Subsequently used for theatre performances by touring companies (until 1868 also known as "Stadttheater").
(detail)26.12.1822 | opening
opened 26 Dec 1822 with Goethe's "Egmont".
(detail)1831 | reconstruction
extension by a neighbouring house
(detail)1870 | reconstruction
converted to a concert hall and ballroom
(detail)20. 's 20. century | interior reconstruction

(detail)1982 | Closure
Closed due to safety concerns.
(detail)90. 's 20. century | reconstruction
1991-1993 major renovation, interior restoration to the 1870 designs. Re-opened 1994.




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