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Municipal Theatre

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Johann-Peter Cremer

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Important events

(detail)15.5.1825 | opening
1817 and 1821, a design for a theatre by Johann Peter Cremer, 1822 modified designs by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Construction works were carried out from 1823 to 1825 to the combined designs by Cremer and Schinkel. Opened with Louis Spohr's "Jessonda".
(detail)1901 | alteration
Remodelled to the design by Heinrich Seeling: alterations in the auditorium with a new layout (1014 seats) and exterior(preserving Cremer's portico).
(detail)14.7.1943 | conflagration
The theatre was hit by the allied bombing.
(detail)1951 | reconstruction
The theatre was reconstructed in 1948-1951 by Philipp Kerz without the two front towers and with a modern auditorium (942 seats) while preserving the building volume structure.


Johann-Peter Cremer |main architect
(detail)Heinrich Christian Seeling |architect

He was born into a family of Christian Seeling master bricklayer. Even as a boy he learned the craft mason with his father. He was a student of Academy of Architecture in Berlin. He worked in the Berlin studio Hugo Licht, chief counsel of urban construction in Leipzig. The event that had an impact on the architect's career was winning awards in the competition for the theater in Halle. He was honored with the Royal Order of Class IV.

Picture: A design of an opernahus by him for Berlin

In: Freydank , Ruth. Theater in Berlin: von den Anfängen bis 1945. Berlin, 1988. p. 309

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Philipp Kerz |architect




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