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Carl Theodor Ottmer

alias Haus der Singakademie für Musik- und Kulturgeschichte, Singakademi
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Important events

(detail)8.4.1827 | opening
Built 1825-1827 by Karl Theodor Ottmer. Opened 8 Apr 1827 with a mass by Carl Friedrich Fasch and a chorale by Carl Friedrich Zelter.
(detail)1848 | reconstruction
reconstruction : H. Bürde
(detail)1865 | reconstruction
reconstruction by Martin Gropius
(detail)1875 | reconstruction
reconstruction by M. Hellwig
(detail)1888 | reconstruction
reconstruction by Reimer & Körte
(detail)22.11.1943 | conflagration
Destroyed by bombs on 22 Nov 1943.
(detail)1947 | Rekonstruction
Rekonstruction and rebuilding by Fritz Bornemann as a theatre for the Sowjetic Kulturcentrum, since 1952 Maxim-Gorki-Theater.
(detail)30.10.1952 | Re-opened
Re-opened 30 Oct 1952 with "Für die auf See".


Martin Gropius |architect
Karl Friedrich Schinkel |architect - participant of the competition




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