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Deutsches Theater

Alexander Blum

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Important events

(detail)1895 | construction
Built 1895-1896 by Alexander Bluhm, Joseph Rank, and Karl Stöhr.
(detail)1896 | opening
Opened on 26th Sep. of 1896 with Julius Schaumberger's "Die Sünde wider den heiligen Geist".
(detail)1939 | reconstruction
Auditorium alterations according to the simplified design by Paul Baumgarten sr. Re-opened on 14th July of 1939.
(detail)1951 | reconstruction
The theatre was destroyed by bombing on 9th March of 1943. Subsequent reconstruction was carried out in 1949-1951 according to the design by Ludwig Reiber and Willi Reiber.
(detail)70. 's 20. century | reconstruction
1976-1982 major rebuilding by Reinhard Riemerschmid, te auditorium decorated in a pop art style. Re-opened on 8th October of 1982.


Alexander Blum |main architect
Joseph Rank |architect
Karl Stöhr |architect




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