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Amsterdam Municipal Theatre

Jacobus Bernardus Springer, Johannes Ludovicus Springer, Frederik Willem van Gendt

alias Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
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Important events

(detail)1774 | construction
First theatre on the site was erected.
(detail)1890 | fire
Completely destroyed by fire.
(detail)90. 's 19. century | construction
Constructed in 1892-1894.
(detail)1.9.1894 | opening
Opened with Beethoven's Ouverture "Die Weihe des Hauses", H. J. Schjimmel's "In de Directiekamer", and the castle scene from "Gijsbreght van Aemstel".
(detail)00. 's 21. century | renovation



Amsterdam's Municipal Theatre of 1894, by Jan Springer, is in the Flemish Renaissance style, like the Rijksmuseum, the numerous tourelles and gazebos containing emergency exits, if only the audience could find them. The Amsterdam theatre, behind its profusion of ornament, basically follows the model of Vienna, with two grand staircases at the sides.



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