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Grand Theatre

Joseph Bové

alias Imperial Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow, Petrovskij Teatr, Teatr Medoksa
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Important events

(detail)18.1.1825 | opening
opened with a performance of Fernando Sor's ballet, Cendrillon.
(detail)1853 | fire

(detail)20.8.1856 | opening

Reopened after major renovation by Alberto Cavos.

(detail)1896 | alteration

(detail)20. 's 20. century | reconstruction

(detail)40. 's 20. century | fire



Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre was rebuilt after fire in 1856 by Albert Cavos, but the portico and some of the outside walls were retained from the earlier building: this dated from the l82Os and was by two Russian architects, Bove and Mikhailov.



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