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German Theatre

alias Friedrich-Wilhelmstädtisches Theater
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Important events

(detail)17.5.1850 | opening
Opened with Lortzing's "Festouverture" and three comedies.
(detail)1872 | reconstruction
Addition of foyers and façade alterations by Hermann Richter.
(detail)1883 | reconstruction

(detail)1929 | reconstruction
auditorium alterations, removal of stalls boxes by Oskar Kaufmann.
(detail)80. 's 20. century | reconstruction
1980-1983 major reconstruction. Re-opened on 19 Sep 1883 with Schiller's "Kabale und Liebe". 900 seats.


(detail)Oskar Kaufmann |architect
Hungarian-Jewish architect. He was an ex­pert of construction and design and played an ac­tive part in Berlin since 1900. His most well-known works are the Krolloper in Berlin, the Hebbel Theater and the Renaissance Theater in Berlin, the Neue Stadttheater in Vienna, and the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv.More theatres

Hermann Richter |architect




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