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Theatre Brandýs nad Orlicí

Josef Drahoš

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Important events

(detail)1890 | construction
The theatre building was originally a private villa „Ludmila", which was erected in 1890 due to the incentive of Horský family.  The local  Sokol movement purchased the villa in 1924 and converted it into a gym.
(detail)1930 | reconstruction
The building was converted into a theatre in 1930 according to the design by local builder J. V. Jiříček. Without remodelling the outer of the building, the stage section was added to the original structure so a ununified building in style came into existence. At the same time, it was not only a theatre, but a gym, cinema being used for other purposes as well.


Josef Drahoš |main architect
J. V. Jiříček |architect


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