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Passion Playhouse

Jakub Stabernak

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Important events

(detail)1892 | Construction

Foundations were excavated in Autumn of 1892 and the construction works commenced in Spring of the next year. It was a wooden building with 32 entrances with 1500 seats and 500 standing rooms  that had a stage with several galleries, electrical lighting for up to 300 actors, a female singing choir of 30 persons and organ. The performers of the main roles that was hereditary did not shave and cut hair at least for a year. The performances were of 5 hours duration, both the New and Old Testaments were played. (in: DbČAD)

(detail)25.6.1893 | Opening

The theatre was ceremonially opened on 25th June of 1893. The building was designed by builder Jakub Stabernak from České Budějovice and builder František Ulhnann, a carpenter from Hořice. Paintings were created by Viennese painter Žalud.

(detail)1948 | Closure

After the Communist coup d'état, further performing was banned and the dilapidating Passion Playhouse was torn down in the 1960s.


Jakub Stabernak |main architect



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