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Hvězda Cinema

Leo Kammel

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Important events

(detail)1928 | reconstruction
The building was constructed in 1928 as a theatre, but during the construction also the rentability was considered and so it was equipped as a cinema as well. The construction works were carried out by builder Langer according to the design by Viennese architect Leo Kammel.
(detail)70. 's 20. century | reconstruction

The structure underwent large remodelling of inner space in the 1970. The ceilings were lowered, balcony and orchestra pit removed. The interior was completelly restructured to the design by Vilém Boháč. A very modern wide screen cinema for that time came into existence here, which commenced its operation in 1980.


(detail)Leo Kammel |main architect

Disciple of Jan Kotěra, he is considerred as a main representative of  the direction in architecture in  1920´s in Vienna, which is  infuenced by cubism .  Remarkable are his projects from 1920´s , which are deeply influenced by his relation to Czech cubist architecture. Later he inclined rather to Functionalism.

Source: Architektenlexikon

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Vilém Boháč |interior designer


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