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Town Theatre

Josef Niklas

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Important events

(detail)1846 | Amateur theatre

An amateur theatre association came into existence in 1846 from a circle that already played before and that was later renamed to the Amateur Theatre Association Tyl in Netolice, was dissolved in early 1850 and restored in 1862. Since 1883, it has enjoyed uninterrupted existence.

(detail)1869 | construction

A new representative town hall and law court was erected in the location of the older town hall according to the design by architect Josef Niklas in 1869 of a square plan, where four wings round up a spacious yard. The rear and both the lateral wings were used from the original structure and only minimally adjusted.  A permanent stage was erected in the rear wing.

(detail)1907 | reconstruction
Building modification were carried out in 1907 and  1920, when electric light was installed.
(detail)1922 | reconstruction

Theatre was played in the rear wing until 1922, when the entire yard sector of the town hall was converted into a theatre by local builder  Jaromír Kudrna according to his own design, when the stage was relocated to the opposite side. A new curtain – view of the city- was received  from painter Fert from Brno.

(detail)30. 's 20. century | reconstruction

The theatre was renovated and remodelled in 1936 (an extension of an orchestra pit) and in 1939. Alternating  current was installed in 1936, the orchestra pit was enlarged in 1937 for 25 musicians

(detail)2014 | reconstruction


(detail)Josef Niklas |main architect

An architect of Czech revival architecture. He was a student of Karl Wiesenfeld at the Prague Polytechnic Institute, then he was  a trainee  by Heinrich J. Frenzel in Prague and Leopold Mayer in Vienna. He made a study tour through Germany, France and Italy. He became an assistant of Bernhard Grueber at the Prague Polytechnic Institute in 1849 and was appointed a teacher of drawing and building at K.K high school in Prague. He applied for habilitation (the qualification for teaching) of practical building teaching at the  Prague Polytechnic Institute and in 1864, he obtained  professorship at the department of civil engineering for Czech language. He took over a department  in the Czech part of Prague Polytechnic Institute that had been established shortly before where he remained until his death (he was a rector here between 1873–74). Together with F. X. Šanda, he published Joendl’s advice on building  (1862) and Architectural styles from the oldest times until present(1865). He is an author of many ecclesiastical Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance municipal buildings in Bohemia. Apart of participation in the reconstruction of the Estate Theatre, he realized the wooden New Town Theatre (1858) and Švanda’s Arena Theatre in Pštroska (1869), he participated in competition for a national theatre (1866) and he elaborated the project of the German Theatre in Pilsen.

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