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Jirásek's Theatre

Antonín Turek

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Important events

(detail)1888 | construction

The building of the Jirásek Theatre was erected by builder Turek in 1888 as a restaurant and dancing hall „Na kopečku". The dancing hall was used for theatre performances as well.

(detail)1904 | reconstruction

The city became the owner of the structure and had a stage be made in the there.

(detail)8.10.1924 | opening

The building was converted into a theatre building according to the design by architect Oldřich Liška from Hradce Králové. The theatre was ceremonially opened on 8th October 1924.

(detail)1960 | reconstruction

Large reconstruction was carried out in the theatre in 1960.

(detail)14.02.2003 | reconstruction

Reopening took place on 14th February of  2003 after 17 year long intermission.


(detail)Oldřich Liska |architect

Architect , the author of many interesting designs and their realizations mostly in Hradec Králové. In his pieces it is possible to observe the spirit of the modernism, decorativismus of the cubismus, but the inclination to purism as well, eventually funkcionalism in the moderate version.

Source: Archiweb

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