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Important events

(detail)17.7.1864 | Construction

In 1862, architect Durba  was assigned with elaboration of a design for a new building for shooters of Nymburk. The construction was executed by builder Miller. The building was ceremonially opened on 17th July of 1864.

(detail)28.10.1965 | Reconstruction
The building was reconstructed in the 1960s and reopened on 28th October of 1965 as a house of culture.
(detail)2004 | Reconstruction
General reconstruction was commenced in 2004 according to the design by atelier SIAL with participation of Karel Hubáček, J. Syrovátko, M. Hušek, V. Schneider , J. Prskavec.
(detail)26.9.2006 | reopening
The reconstruction was finished after two years and the theatre was reopened with a performance of Not Now, Darling by Ray Cooney and John Chapman.


Michal Hušek |architect
(detail)Karel Hubáček |architect

His most famous work is the Ještěd tower, which is considered by some as the one of the most original buildings in the Czech Republic. This structure is on the list of UNESCO. He was the member of the atelier "SIAL".

Source: Wikipedia

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