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Tor di Nona

Carlo Fontana

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Important events

(detail)1671 | opening
Opened with Scipione affricano by Francesco Cavalli.
(detail)1888 | demolition


(detail)Cosimo Morelli |architect

Cosimo Morelli, Italian architect, was born and died in Imola in 1732-1812. He was a representative of neo-Renaissance current in architecture, and executed works as: Theatre (1779-1780) and Duomo (1781) in Imola, and some other works in Fermo and Macerata. His most famous creation is Palazzo Braschi in Rome (1790-1804), with a facade inspired by Renaissance tradition.


IN: http://rometour.org/morelli-cosimo-1732-1812.html

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He was born in Verona to Pietro Maderni, a sculptor native to Codilago in the Ticino. Giovanni Battista studied in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. Returning to Verona, he painted a canvas of Fall of the Jews in Mantua for a local church. He traveled to Paris, Berlin, London, Netherlands. He made a set of engravings on describing the art and architecture of the Teatro Tordinona in Rome. He then moved to St Petersburg, and finally to Stockholm.


Descrizione delle Pitture, degl'ordini, Volta, e Sipario del Nuovo Teatro di Tordinona.
Dizionario storico raggionato degli uomini illustri del canton Ticino, by Gian Alfonso Oldelli (1807)
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ANTON BIEDERWOLF - 19.11. 2017

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