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Théâtre de la Molière

alias Maison de la poésie
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Important events

(detail)18.6.1791 | opening
Opened with Le Misanthrope ou l’Atrabilaire amoureux by Molière.
(detail)1807 | closure


"The form of the edifice is a parallelogram of eighty-two feet by forty-eight. It is completely enclosed by the surrounding houses, and has no front. The plan of the house is circular, having a diameter of thirty feet between the fronts of the boxes. The height, which is thirty-four feet, is occupied by baignoires, and three galleries or tiers of boxes. The boxes of the first and second tier are separated by partitions; and whilst the house was used for dramatic representations  they were adorned with mirrors. The boxes of the third tier are divided by Ionic pillars, which rest upon an entablature that extends round the theatre, mounted by Ionic capitals. The interior, which contained five tier of boxes, besides a projecting gallery and baignoire, was forty-seven feet in height. The decorations consisted of arabesques painted grey upon a yellow marble ground. The columns were ornamented with cameos and coloured bands, and the ceiling with figures. The original curtain afforded a view of the Pont Neuf, with the statue of Henry IV. That which succeeded it presented a gothic gallery.

The buildings of this theatre, which was capable of containing nearly two thousand spectators, still form one of the ornaments of the Marché aux fleurs. "


In:  Whittaker, G. B.: The History of Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day: Vol. II. London, 1825 p. 517



Author: G. B Whittaker

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