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Second Théâtre du Marais

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(detail)1791 | opening

(detail)1807 | closure


" The form of the edifice was a parallelogram of one hundred and thirteen feet by fifty-eight. It  was divided into vestibule, house, and stage. All the dependencies were the remains of the Hotel Poultier, and the only entrance was in the rue Culture-Sainte-Catherine.
The front, which still exists, is in the Moorish style. The vestibule communicated with two staircases, leading to the house. The saloon, which was over the vestibule, received light by five large windows.
The house, of a circular form, was thirty-seven feet in diameter, and forty-two in height. It contained three tiers of boxes, a projecting gallery in front of the first tier, and a fourth tier of boxes, or gallery, in small arches under the ceiling. The architecture being in the Moorish style, and decorated with arabesques, gave it the appearance of an ancient church."


In:  Whittaker, G. B.: The History of Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day: Vol. II. London, 1825 p. 514 - 516.



Author: G. B Whittaker

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