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Municipal Theatre Carpi

Cesare Costa

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Important events

(detail)1861 | construction

(detail)1890 | Restauration
1889 -1890 installation of electricity



Inaugurated in 1861, the Municipal Theatre in Carpi is an excellent example of an Italian style theatre: a horseshoeshaped auditorium continues up the walls with three circles of boxes and a gallery. Including the stalls it offers almost 600 seats. It was a “Society of Box Owners” that entrusted the architect Cesare Costa with the task of erecting a new theatre on the impressive main square, the Piazza dei Martiri. Contrary to the inscription over the portico, the theatre became the property of the city already before the inauguration. It has been entirely preserved since then. The stucco decorations inside were created by local artisans, while the painted ceiling is by Giuseppe Ugolino from Reggio Emilia; he is also believed to be the painter of the famous front curtain for which the most beautiful women in town volunteered as models.


Performances from October to April · Tel. box office: +39 059 649 263 · www.vivaticket.it

Visits: on appointment, Tel. office: +39 059 649 264, E-mail: teatro.comunale@carpidiem.itwww.carpiediem.it/teatrocomunale

on appointment, Tel. office: +39 059 649 264, E-mail: , 



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