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Munichʼs Intimate Theatre

Max Littmann, Richard Riemerschmid

alias Schauspielhaus
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Important events

(detail)1900 | construction
Built between 1900-01 as a private theatre by the company Heilmann & Littmann. Interior design: Richard Riemerschmid.
(detail)19.4.1901 | opening
Opened with Johannes by Hermann Sudermann.
(detail)1970 | alteration
Major renovations between 1970-1972 by Reinhard Riemerschmid.


(detail)Max Littmann |main architect

German architect, who focused his attention primarily on the construction of representative buildings as theatres, department stores and spa buildings.

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Richard Riemerschmid |main architect


This building, imagined by the son of a spirits producer and planned by architect Max Littmann, has been home to the Intimate Theatre since 1926. Its façade in a neo-Gothic style contrasts with the discreet interior and floral motifs designed by Richard Riemerschmid, which constitutes a spatial work of art of the Jugendstil. The layout as a studio theatre is perfectly suited for intimate plays. If you wonder what a festival hall designed by the same architect might look like, you can find the answer just a few streets away in the Prince Regent theatre (Prinzregententheater).

Münchner Kammerspiele • Maximilianstraße 26-28 • 80539 München • Germany • +49 (0)89 233 966 00 • besucher@kammerspiele.dewww.kammerspiele.de

Visits: Public tour once a month, guided tours for groups on appointment



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