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Important events

(detail)20.10.1822 | opening

(detail)1857 | reconstruction

(detail)1884 | reconstruction according to the project by Walerian Pliszczyński

(detail)1907 | opening of the cinema

(detail)1942 | theatre was seized by Germans and colsed

(detail)1944 | first showing after the war

(detail)5.7.1981 | last showing and the beginning of devastation

(detail)1995 | archeological research

(detail)2007 | beginning of reconstruction

(detail)1832 | fire

(detail)1993 | fire


(detail)Łukasz Rodakiewicz |architect
The officer and engineer. He served as a builder of Lublin province.

(detail)ABA Autorskie Biuro Architektury-Investprojekt Partner 6, Lublin |architect
Architects who developed the concept of reconstruction of the theater.

(detail)Archee Badania Archeologiczne |other
Archaeological firm, which conducted the study in the theater.

(detail)Julia Makowska |theatre director
Daughter of Łukasz Rodkiewicz and heirs of the theater.


The Old Theatre in Lublin is located on the corner of Jezuicka and Dominikańska Streets in the Lublin Old Town.

The oldest known buildings that existed on the site where the present Old Theatre is located dated back to the beginning of the 16th century. However, the very first construction permit for the site ever registered was issued in 1611. The analysis of the history of the building reveals its complex architectural structure. It was developed in its basic shape in 1822 out of the back-annex of the tenement house located at 11 Main Square. The annex was adapted to host the stage and the back-office of the theatre. Meanwhile, the auditorium and the service area were located on the adjacent site, where a new building was erected. The elements of an ancient tenement house were included within the walls of the new structure.

Construction of the theatre was a private initiative of Łukasz Rodakiewicz, an officer in Prince Józef Poniatowski’s armed services. The project was carried out when Rodakiewicz was the vice-deputy construction officer of the Lublin District. He was the author of the project of the theatre and he himself was the construction manager. The first theatre performance took place on August 20, 1822. Between 1833 and 1839, the theatre building was a brickwork, plastered and fired-clay-tiled, with “figurative ornamented walls”, the entrance door in the middle of the main façade, and a window illuminating the hallway. The southern façade is still decorated with the leaf-like feminine masks and gryphons, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. On the left side of the hallway there was a buffet, and behind it - a stairway leading to the boxes on the first floor. On the right there was an entrance to the ground floor part of the auditorium and “a small windowed compartment to collect tickets”. The ground floor of the auditorium provisionally filled with benches and stools was later equipped with numbered chairs moved down from the first floor. Three upper stories of the auditorium were made of wood. Each of the four-seat first floor boxes and three-seat second floor boxes had a separate, inside-opening double door. The construction of the boxes rested upon nine wooden columns. The orchestra pit was situated in front of the stage, set aside with a silled ramp. Below the stage there was a trap door. The stairways leading to two artists’ dressing rooms were behind the ornamented wings, and the stage was equipped with a curtain. The auditorium was separated from the stage and backstage with a firewall. Stage lighting system consisted of 21 candlesticks and 2 lanterns. At that time, the theatre interior included four stories: the ground floor, two levels of box compartments, and a balcony. The stage lambrequin and the boxes’ interior were oil painted. The boxes’ sills and the orchestra ramp tapestry was made of cloth and canvas.

In 1857, due to the technical deterioration of the building the first refurbishment of the theatre was carried out. An important figure in the history of the theatre was Julia Rodakiewiczówna and her husband Romuald Makowski. Julia (Rodakiewiczówna) Makowska initiated the collection of the theatre memorabilia. Reparation was carried on throughout the 1860s. The outbreak of “the January Uprising” (1863) resulted in an administrative warrant of suspension of the theatre’s activity. Restoration works and necessity to adapt the building to the security and communication requirements were given as an ostensible reason for that.

In 1875, the repairs were accomplished: the foundation of the building was reinforced, which prevented the walls from cracking. The orchestra pit and the stage were lowered, which improved the visibility from the ground floor.

In 1875, the oldest preserved project of renovation of the theatre was put forward by a Lublin based technician A. Zwierzchowski. This important project was aimed at the radical improvement of the functional performance of the building, its comfort and security for the audience and the actors. The project provided for the creation of two symmetrical staircases - one in the south-east, and the other in the south-west corner of the building, which corresponded with two symmetrical entrances located in the south façade of the theatre. In the central part of the hall between the stairways, there was a buffet.

It was attached to the staircases leading directly to two symmetrical entrances to the auditorium.

In addition, the project provided for the extension of the stage by diminution of the backstage and relocation of the storage-room to the north-west wing of the theatre building. The project rearranged internal circulation and improved the heating system. The preserved sketch of the ground floor reveals the value of the changes that can be credited to Zwierzchowski. Unfortunately, none of the major proposals included in his project was carried out. The works undertaken were mere reparations and minor amendments .

In the course of the following renovation in 1884, the number of stories was limited to three (ground floor, boxes, gallery). In order to enhance visibility, and to improve acoustics a false vault ceiling was made. The half-hipped roof over the south façade was transformed into a sloping one, which resulted in a triple-inclined roof. The façades remained unchanged. The interior of the front part of the building was substantially remodeled. On the axis of the main entrance, a new T-shaped stairway was built, preserving the anterior lateral staircases leading to the first floor and the gallery. Three box compartments, of which two were proscenium boxes, were located in the theatre hall. New gas lighting was installed but the oil lamps were retained for security purposes.

In 1886, a new theatre (at present, Juliusz Osterwa Theatre) which was gradually gaining popularity among the audience became a competitor for the so called “Mr. Makowski’s theatre”. Further changes in the arrangement of the Old Theatre building were carried out in 1904-1905. In 1905, it began hosting cinema shows. Two years later the theatre started operating as a cinema on a regular basis, in an attempt to increase its popularity and profitability. The most recent French bioscope was provided, and the cinema shows went on attracting numerous spectators. At the same time, once again the municipal authorities commissioned updating the building’s security standards, especially the fire-protection system. The limits for the number of spectators on each of the stories (the maximum of 300 spectators in the whole building) were set. A gas-propelled dynamo machine provided the cinematheatre with its own electricity.

In 1910, a drawing giving an account of the state of the theatre was made in form of an inventory and now is a source of information about its looks at that time. In 1911, the next refurbishment, based on the project by A. Smoluchowski was carried out (this time again accomplished only partially). From 1912, the cinema was called Panteon. Before World War II it was renamed Rialto.

In September 1939, two bombs fell on the building, demolishing the part adjacent to Dominikańska Street. Yet already in October, reconstruction work was undertaken. In 1942 the building was taken over by the Germans. At that time, polychromes from the ceiling and from behind the stage were covered up and painted.

After the war, the collection of the theatre memorabilia was saved by Romuald Makowski. In 1952, the owners of the theatre were expropriated. The District Cinema Board renovated the building and the cinema Rialto began operating again. In 1956, it got a new name - Staromiejskie (Old Town) cinema - and went on operating until 1981. In 1967, the building was entered in the monument register.

In 1993, a fire partly destroyed the antique wooden auditorium which was a precious architectural element of the interior.


Text: Autorskie Biuro Architektury Investprojekt-Partner 6 Sp. z o.o. (www.aba.architekci.com)




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