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Competition for the Central House of Army

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Important events

(detail)1953 | Architectural competition


Jiří Kadeřábek |architect - participant of the competition
Pavel Bareš |architect - participant of the competition
Jaroslav Kándl |architect - participant of the competition
(detail)Karel Prager |architect - participant of the competition

The initial phase of his work was still influenced by the Socialist Realism. The interest in new world wide tendencies in building led him towards patterns of late Functionalism ( the so called International Style), especially to American realizations by the SOM and Miese van der Rohe. Prager was the first one, who used hanging glass walls on the facades in an aluminium grid as in the Institute of macromolecular chemistry ČSAV. He was also discovering and designing new building constructions and materials, often even untested before (the building of the Federal Assembly) for his other buildings. The architecture of his pieces is usually  innovative, but sometimes controversial as for instance the New Stage of the National Theatre).

Text: ing arch Kamil Dvořák, DrSc, in: Architekti v českých zemích (Prostor – AD)

More theatres

Václav Hilský |architect - participant of the competition
Jiří Albrecht |architect - participant of the competition
(detail)Věra Machoninová |architect - participant of the competition
She worked for a State project institute and together with her husband founded their own architectonic atelier Alfa in 1967. In 1974 they orchestrated the department store Kotva according to their design. Their collective work was forbidden in the time of normalization and thus Věra Machoninová herself became an author of a project “the House of Dwelling Culture”(a department store of furniture in Prague 4), which was finished in 1977. She was wining in public architectural -urbanist competitions for the construction of a central square of the town of Štětí (1996) and the city center of Jablonec nad Nisou. (1999)More theatres

Vladimír Machonin |architect - participant of the competition
Antonín Černý |architect - participant of the competition
Jaroslav Paroubek |architect - participant of the competition
Josef Polák |architect - participant of the competition


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