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Masaryk's Theatre

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Important events

(detail)1894 | Construction

The building was originally a gymnasium that was built in 1894, the interior part by Antonín Holeček  from  Jičín and the exterior according to the design by Jan Vejrych. The gym was used as a theatre hall as well.

(detail)1925 | Reconstruction

The building was converted into a theatre in 1925 by the firm Nekvasil according to the design by architect  Čeňek Musil from Jičín. The theatre is a detached building with separate entrances. There was a gymnasium, restaurant, flat and  office in the extension by the theatre.


Čeňek Musil |architect
(detail)Jan Vejrych |architect

His work is considerably large and manifold. He was a typical, albeit considerably cultivated, eclecticist. His early buildings were influenced by the work of A. Wiehl. He employed a Gothic architectural vocabulary on his buildings, besides the forms of Czech Renaissance, and later naturally Art Nouveau. A lot of his buildings (as for instance hotel Paříž and houses in Pařížská Street) will be probably appreciated fully in the future.

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