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Albert von Beger

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Important events

(detail)8.6.1898 | opening
Former building built in 1864 by a private person; from 1888 "Royal Spa Theatre", 1897-1898 rebuilt according to the design by the famous Württemberg architect Albert von Beger.
(detail)01.07.2005 | opening
Reopened with L'inganno felice by Gioacchino Rossini.


Albert von Beger |main architect


It is a simle plastered timber-frame building with an arch niche above the main entrance. Auditorium is of an elongated hall with a balcony. A curved parapet and rudimentaty boxes are in front of the proscenium arch. Neo-Baroque features with paintings and stucco. 200 seats. Disused for many years and reopened in 2005.



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