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Schönbrunn Palace Theatre

Nikolaus Franz Leonhard von Pacassi

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Important events

(detail)1744 | year of building

(detail)1747 | opening

(detail)1767 | year of reconstruction



Fischer von Erlach’s designs for Schönbrunn Palace did not include a theatre. The building was constructed between 1743 and 1747 at the express wish of Maria Theresa during the course of the remodelling of the palace by Nicolaus Pacassi. It was used not for regular performances but on state and family occasions. The palace theatre was only open to those who were presentable at Court and access to performances was strictly regulated; on occasion, courtiers who had not yet seen members of the Imperial family performing were barred from entering.

At the palace theatre, the Imperial family sat in the front row of the stalls. After the theatre was remodelled in 1766/67 their ‘Supreme Majesties’ moved to a raised central box, giving them a better view of the stage and an improved acoustic. They were also no longer visible for all those present in the auditorium. Maria Theresa exploited this circumstance, occasionally holding audiences during performances.


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