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Na Nivách Theatre

alias Regional District Theatre Trutnov (1953- 58), Regional District Theatre Hradec Králové, branchTrutnov (1949- 53), Municipal Regional Theatre Trutnov (1948- 49)
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Important events

(detail)1806 | Construction

Originally, there was a shooting range from 1670 that was replaced by a brick building of a restaurant  in 1806. The area served for organization of celebrations and concerts in the second half of the 19th century. 

(detail)1921 | opening

(detail)15.9.1948 | Opening

The Na Nivách Theatre commenced its activity by a premiere of the Forest Maiden by Josef Kajetán Tyl.

(detail)1958 | conflagration

The theatre burnt out in 1958, thus the city was deprived of a theatre stage. The hall was converted into a gym in 1960 and it has been serving this purpose ever since.


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