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Theatre of Karel Čapek

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Important events

(detail)1911 | cinema
The first cinema in Děčín was located from December 1911 in the house N. 765 that belonged to Friedriech Leinweber.
(detail)40. 's 20. century | reconstruction
There was orignally a cinema „Kammerspiele" that served as a storage facility throughout the entire war for various materials. It was converted into a theatre in 1945—46 according to the design by Ing. Cidlinek from Děčín. The reconstruction works were carried out by members of the Association of Comunity Theatre Karel Čapek.
(detail)18.10.1947 | opening

(detail)50. 's 20. century | closure

(detail)1972 | demolition
The building was demolished in 1972 to make a place for a new building of the District Committee of Communist Party.




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