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The database consists of mutually connected compatible databases – electronic archives of theatre architecture in all the participating institutions and their joint presentation on the internet. Specified obligatory methods of describing theatre architecture is the essential moment and biggest asset of this activity.

Preparation of the system was connected with research focused on the methodology of structuring of architectural, technical and historical data about buildings. The research was consulted with international experts from the Central Europe (the partner institutions are all the research and archival institutions employing the best experts in their field in each country) as well as other countries (UK, NZ, GER). The methodology created is unique and first of its kind and its usage in this database lays basis for any further development in this field.


There are 224 theatre buildings from all the participating countries presented in the museum with another 54 entries in the phase of putting the data into the system.  The Virtual Museum is already online from October 2009. The number of entries is constantly increasing.

The historical information about the buildings were gathered and written by renowned experts in architecture and art-history. Sometimes the texts are very extensive (national theatres, old opera houses) or sometimes quite brief (theatres built in last 20 years). Most of the texts are supplemented with used literature or sources of research. The main events in history of each building (fire, destruction, reconstruction...) are highlighted so brief information about the story of each building is easily accessible.

All historical texts are both in national language (HU, CZ, PL, SK, SI) and in English, which is common to all entries.

In Czech Republic, the system maintenance is overtaken by the Theatre Institute – Arts Institute (TAI).



The aim of the project is to promote the still existing historic theatres in Europe by way of a new cultural tourism route, a free online database, and a travelling exhibition, also fostering cross-border cooperation among these theatres.

Historic theatres in 5 minutes

Litomyšl - Castle Theatre

Český Krumlov - Castle Theatre

Graz - Opera

Vienna - Theater an der Vien

Weitra - Castle Theatre

Grein - Municipal Theatre

Kačina - Castle Theatre

Mnichovo Hradiště - Castle Theatre

Graz - Drama Thatre