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Exhibition of Theatre Architecture in Central Europe


Budapest – Prague – Warsaw - Bratislava - Ljubljana



  • Is the Czech National Theatre representative of Czech architecture?
  • What about the iconic theatres in Prague, Ljubljana, Warsaw, and Bratislava?
  • Is there still such a thing as national theatre at the start of the 21st century? And how is it to be represented in modern architecture if it is to look different from shopping centres or casinos?
  • And is there any such thing as national architecture or an exclusively global style?

These and other questions are addressed in the large-scale exhibition project ‘Beyond Everydayness’, an exhibition of dozens of theatre buildings. The evolution of styles of theatre buildings and theatre spaces generally in Central Europe is an interesting topic owing to the multicultural composition of the region. Defining a comprehensible pattern of architectural activity in the region is one of the objectives of this exhibition. The curators divided the exhibition along two axes: according to the given contemporary state system and chronologically. This concept is reflected in the imaginative architectural design of the exhibition, reminiscent of a musical staff.


The creators of the exhibition also reflected the fact that theatre tends to be regarded as the pillar of national culture and language. It seems that even architecture is not immune to the influence of national or nationalistic attributes. Is this a good or bad thing?


Each country is represented in the exhibition by a selection of roughly a dozen theatre buildings and theatre spaces. This year and next year the exhibition will travel to every Central European metropolis and is part of the international project TACE (Theatre Architecture in Central Europe).


Wide public interested in theatre, architecture or history, students and experts in the fields of architecture or theatre were confronted with an extraordinary exhibition which included architectural development in the CE  region ranging from the 18th century up to the present.

From hundreds of materials (photos, plans, models, videos etc.) collected in all participating countries the curators selected those which give the most concise and attractive picture of each building. The exhibition in its original size encompassed more than 70 most important buildings from the CE region and presented them on an exhibition area of approximately 500 square meters.

The exhibition introduced various media (models, videos, texts, plans, photos etc.) to present architecture and its history in the highest possible attractive and informative manner in order to involve wide public.


Download the catalogue for the exhibition here.


Exhibition of Theatre Architecture in Central Europe

Project leaders/

Ondřej Svoboda, Jan K. Rolník

Curator of the exhibition/

Igor Kovačević

Leading Experts

Austria/ Fritz Trümpi

Czech Republic/ Jiří Hilmera, Ondřej Svoboda

Hungary/ Eszter Molnárné Aczél, Mihály Vargha

Poland/ Monika Jarzyna, Piotr Morawski

Slovakia/ Henrieta Moravčíková, Olga Triaška. Stefanović

Slovenia/ Helena Pivec, Ivo Svetina

Production/ Olga Plchová

Graphic design/ Studio 2GD

Architectural layout of the exhibition/ MOBA studio

Smart Communication

Photography/ Martina Novozámská

Realization team/ Anna Czékmány, Dorota Buchwald, Viera Dlháňová, Tereza Dufková, Vladislava Fekete, Tamás Gajdó, Mariana Holá,Hermina Horváth,  Sylvia Huszár, Jakub Kopecký, Magdalena Koťová, Peter Krečič, Jan Látal, Kateřina Lopatová, Silvie Marková, Milada Mercová, Dušan Nelec, Éva Németh, Barbara Novakovič Kolenc, Olga Plchová, Anita Rákóczy, Jan K. Rolník, Marjan Slapar, Igor Sapač, Dana Schlaichertová, Ondřej Svoboda, Attila Szabó, Jolana Teuberová, Dominika Zaťková, Bogo Zupančič, Markéta Žáčková, Vadov Kft.

Translations: David Livingstone, Howard Lotker, Zdislava Kratěnová, Heather McGadie, Ondřej Prcín

The exhibition is realized in the framework of the TACE project (Theatre Architecture in Central Europe). The project is organized by The National Theatre Prague in cooperation with theatre institutes and museums from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary. The project was initiated by The Theatre institute Prague.

Special thanks: Věkoslav Pardyl, Helena Hilmerová, Dorita Hannah, Ondřej Černý, András Nagy, Vlasta Chramostová


Organizers / Organizátoři:

The National Theatre / Národní divadlo Praha


Theatre Institute Bratislava / Divadelní ústav Bratislava

Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute /Divadelní institut Zbigniewa Raszewskeho


Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute / Maďarské divadelní muzeum a institut

National Theatre Museum of Slovenia / Slovinské národní divadelní muzeum

With the support of the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union.

The aim of the project is to promote the still existing historic theatres in Europe by way of a new cultural tourism route, a free online database, and a travelling exhibition, also fostering cross-border cooperation among these theatres.

Historic theatres in 5 minutes

Litomyšl - Castle Theatre

Český Krumlov - Castle Theatre

Graz - Opera

Vienna - Theater an der Vien

Weitra - Castle Theatre

Grein - Municipal Theatre

Kačina - Castle Theatre

Mnichovo Hradiště - Castle Theatre

Graz - Drama Thatre